Design Development

During the Design Development phase, the high-level Schematic Design is further developed, adding more details and analysis of design elements. For example, the detailed design may incorporate potential artistic elements, specify a particular paving material for plazas or benches, or create a refined plant list or landscaping plan.

Another important activity during this phase is a prioritization of all proposed design elements, taking into account the likely possibility that not all of the funds needed to implement the entire plan may be available all at once. As with all phases, the Department of Parks and Recreation, as well as other stakeholder agencies (such as Seattle Public Utilities, which owns the site) will review the final design development plan.

Department of Neighborhoods awarded Friends of Magnolia Manor Park a Small and Simple Matching Grant Award on July 15th of $20,000 to do design and early construction documents of the Preferred Site Plan. Site Workshop will continue working with the FMMP Steering Committee, the community, and Parks to design the Off-leash Area, P-Patches, walking paths and other Park elements.

The Grant was signed between the Steering Committee and Department of Neighborhoods the week of August 29th and funds become available. Site Workshop was hired in early October 2011 by the FMMP Steering Committee to begin the design process. Volunteer hours have been accumulating since May 9th on the match.

The Steering Committee is working with Site Workshop to develop the Preferred Site Plan elements and the community will be asked to comment on the design documents.

There was a public meeting November 16th, 7-9pm, at Magnolia Lutheran Church at 3414 31st Avenue West, corner of 28th Avenue West and West Dravus Street. The design elements and fundraising were discussed – as was the new art fence being planned, still to be approved for in its final design by Parks.

Don Rockwell, Seattle, mural artist is volunteering his time, and Lawton 5th graders for their Community Project will produce the art which is planned to be a permanent installation at the Park.  There were small groups to discuss design suggestions for the Off Leash Area and the P-Patch. Those interested in P-Patch formed an organizational group and on the 11th of December toured other P-Patches for ideas and met afterward to brainstorm.

There will be a final public meeting January 26th, Thursday evening at 7-9pm at the Magnolia Lutheran Church, 3414 31st Avenue West, corner of 28th Avenue West and West Dravus Street.  Site Workshop will present its final design proposals and have options for a full design and a phased in one due to the fundraising constraints of the projects.

The next phase after Design Development is “Construction Documents“.

The targeted date for the beginning construction on the Off leash Area is June 2012. P-Patch is expected to have gardens on the grounds in December 2012 if fundraising goes as planned–$150,000 by December 2012.