Once Construction Documents have been created and approved, and a bid process executed and a construction firm identified, and funding identified, construction can be scheduled.
Once construction starts, the Department of Parks and Recreation will organize regular meetings to discuss the status of the project, involving the construction firm, design consultant, a Steering Committee representative, and various Parks representatives, including a designated project manager and “inspector”.
The Park inspector is responsible for making sure that the project conforms to Park Standards.  The design consultant makes sure that the project looks like the design that was created by the community.  The Steering Committee representative participates to help with questions that may arise during construction relating to the intended design.
Once the project is complete and the Department of Parks and Recreation and the design consultant have approved the work, it is time to plan the ribbon cutting celebration!
At this time, no funding or schedule has been identified for the Construction phase for this project.
View the Schedule and Milestones section for more information about the current project timeline.