“Walk in the Park”

Three days after the first Park workshop – “Background and Brainstorming”, a second, more informal meeting was held at the Park itself, on Saturday, March 5, from 10am-12pm. This workshop, like the first one, was well-attended, with more than 50 attendees. And it didn’t rain!

During this workshop, participants walked the Park’s boundaries and spoke with neighbors, the project committee, and the Landscape Architect, discussing the history of the Park and it’s future. This workshop was particularly interesting because of the news, discussed three days earlier at the first workshop, that the Department of Parks and Recreation is negotiating with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), which owns the entire site, the possibility of opening up for Park use some of the site that is currently fenced off. Depending on the outcome of this discussion, the result could be a Park that is much larger.

Here are some photos of the meeting: