Meeting #2 – Draft Designs Workshop

The second public workshop – “Draft Designs” – was held on Saturday morning, April 9th, at Magnolia Presbyterian Church.

The workshop was preceded by a “SPU Site Tour“, during which participants were able to explore the portion of the Seattle Public Utilities site that is adjacent to the Park and which is protected by security fencing. As was announced at Meeting #1, SPU and Department of Parks and Recreation have negotiated to open up some of the currently fenced-in area, to enlarge the Park, if a source of funding can be identified, and if there is sufficient community support.

At the Workshop, the project Landscape Architect, Site Workshop, presented for discussion three draft designs based on the community input generated during the group brainstorming sessions at Meeting #1, and which Site summarized in this “Word Cloud“.  These are the three designs:

Option A: “Native Viewscape”

Option B: “Adventure for All”

Option C: “Front Porch Play”

(This graphic shows how each of the three options would use the existing Park space, and the possible expansion space)

Meeting participants then divided into four groups to discuss the options and consider variations (“take this element from C and add it to A”, etc), annotating a worksheet summarizing the three draft designs, and then summarized their thinking for all participants. Here are the annotated worksheets, and highlights from verbal summaries, from the four groups:

Group #1

Highlights of Group #1 summary presentation (transcribed from notes taken by Landscape architect during presentation): “Prefer Option C. Inviting front lawn. Natural play space. P-Patch/Dog Park no good in front. Plaza @ front out of OLA. P-Patch @ South, close to apartments. Crossing/Safety (issue) @ 26th (in street and open views) – many access points. Quiet orchard space (SW corner). Entry @ North”.

Group #2

Highlights of Group #2 summary presentation (transcribed from notes taken by Landscape Architect during presentation): “As with Group 1, prefer Option C. Focus on use of Native Plants. Want switch-back trail the length of East slope. Consider a trail system for OLA, as opposed to ‘corral.’ Loop trail in expanded Park around reservoir should be paved. Take down the fence along 28th ave (now). Consider a water feature, to reflect the fact that the site includes a reservoir”.

Group #3

Highlights of Group #3 summary presentation (transcribed from notes taken by Landscape Architect during presentation): “Prefer option C if Park can be expanded, Option B otherwise. Remove fences (along 28th). Inviting entry defines identity of the Park. Put P-Patch in existing footprint (if no expansion possible). Create a contemplative garden. Consider planting a meadow on the reservoir lid (save $ through less mowing).”

Group #4

Highlights of Group #4 summary presentation (transcribed from notes taken by Landscape Architect during presentation): “Prefer Option A – locate OLA on flat space along 28th. Create a ‘shy dog’ area also. Don’t need picnic area in OLA. Reserve view areas for public, not for OLA users. Incorporate crime prevention, block watch, motion-detection lights (for security concerns). If park expands later, add in more/bigger p-patch.”

This was followed by a general Q&A session; you can read the Landscape Architect’s written notes here: Notes pages 2 and 3.

If you have comments, use the Contact Us form to let us know what you think – we want your feedback! Also, feel free to print out and mark up a copy of the worksheet used by meeting participants to comment on the designs – send your copy to the Landscape Architect (Site Workshop, 1927 Post Alley Seattle WA 98101). Please send your feedback by May 16th.

What happens next? The Landscape Architect will analyze the feedback on their three designs and work towards a single “Preferred Design” which represents the best compromise from the many sources of feedback and requirements. This “Preferred Design” will be presented and reviewed at Meeting #3, “Preferred Design Review, scheduled for June 8th.

Other materials from Meeting #2:

  • Survey and Sections: shows Park/SPU boundaries and elevations
  • Photos from the SPU Site Tour and Meeting #2