The P-Patch is well underway–so is the Off Leash Area!  But right now the plan is NOT to create a path between the two currently, even though the Master Plan shows one!

Please help us move up the priority for this needed, connecting walkway by signing a petition we’ve created.

Here is a summary:

Open Up Magnolia Manor Park between the Off Leash Area and P-Patch

 Magnolia Manor Park is becoming a cherished neighborhood park serving the entire community around the reservoir.  However, there is no connection between the Off Leash area along 28th Ave W and the P-Patch on 27th Ave W.   The Master Plan for the Park, developed with community input, calls for a connection between the two.  This enables neighbors, wherever they live around the park, to use the entire park.  The ‘missing piece’ needs to be added to the park.

We would like to be able to walk directly between the P-Patch across to the Off Leash Dog area on 28th W.   The two fences need to be removed and a path installed. Connect the two parts of the Magnolia Manor Park, making it a whole.

 To sign click here to take you to, where you can sign the petition.  We need you!


Here’s a drawing of the area…

The "Missing Piece" Walkway

The “Missing Piece” Walkway


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  • 1. S C  |  March 19, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Please replace the graphic with one that shows the actual Master Plan, which also calls for the slope to the east of the SPU area to be opened up, connecting the P-Patch with the OLA on that side, and with the neighborhoods to the east.

    Showing just this “MISSING PIECE” graphic is misleading… there’s more than one MISSING PIECE. We want the entire Park to be opened up.


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