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June 11, 2011 at 7:28 am 3 comments

Wednesday’s meeting gave neighbors the opportunity to see the preferred design for the park, which was overwhelmingly well received.  Site Workshop did a tremendous job of enabling neighbors to visualize what the park will eventually become.  (Update: click here for details and schematics.) It was first explained how we arrived at the final design, having received feedback from the community and aligning this feedback with site constraints.  Then Site verbally walked through the different elements of the park which invites people seeking open space, views, off leash areas, and p-patches into the park.  It will also create a link to other nearby parks and green spaces.

The journey to creating this park has just begun, so it’s a great time to become involved.  To create the best off leash area, which will be the size to accomodate a “chuck-it” area and small dog area, we will need to raise additional funds and get Parks to extend deadlines for its implementation.  Wednesday’s meeting affirmed that the community is ready to take on that challenge.  Fundraising will continue to reconfigure fencing  to establish a p-patch and allow better access to the park from the east.

Thank you to all who participated in Wednesday’s meeting – the best attended so far.  It’s encouraging to see neighbors willing to work not only for their own interests but for each other’s as well.  That was said time and time again.  Thank you to those who have followed and participated throughout the design process.  And a huge thank you to Site Workshop’s Jim Keller (a neighbor of the park himself) and Clayton Beaudoin.  They generously gave of their time with such grace.  Their facilitation skills truly matched their great design skills.  How fortunate we were to have them on board.

Nancy Spragins

Chair, Schematic Design Steering Committee (September, 2010-June, 2011)


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Meet us at the Meeting… Next steps after public meeting to review preferred master plan for Magnolia Manor Park


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  • […] Proceeds of over $2500 will go to the new Off Leash Area to be built at Magnolia Manor Park and to COLA for its work. The Magnolia OLA is in need of community funds to match the Parks levy amount of $70,000 dollars. Without that we will not get the 21,000 square foot dog park the community feels is appropriate for the Park.  You can donate today from the website (LINK TO DONATE) The OLA has a targeted date of construction – June 2012. Your help to reach our fundraising goals are critical to getting the dog park we have planned for in the Preferred Design. (LINK TO PARK DESIGN) […]

  • 3. Local Park User  |  November 17, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Does nobody else think the park is better the way it is now? What’s wrong with a big grass field? Kids and dogs can play on it, people can sit and relax, read a book or just enjoy the view. Why carve it up into tiny, useless, overly-specific areas? Can nobody share public space anymore?

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